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Since 1995 kernen resource management ag has supported organizations and leaders from all industries in developing their companies, managers and employees. Our professional consultants possess extensive practical experiences and an academic background.

We emphasize great value on continuous training to ensure our high quality standards. Most importantly the members of our team have their hearts in the right place and are enthusiastic about the growth, development and success of our clients.

What We Are all About

Effect Oriented
Our services focus on sustainable effect in daily business.

Tailored to Your Needs
We don’t come to you with a set of standard answers, but with customized questions to get to know you and your goals. Based on this, together we develop solutions that fulfill your needs.

Resource Oriented
Our approach is to focus on existing resources, skills and potentials in your organization and your employees.

We consider your situation and organization as a whole and by doing so attain integrated solutions which take effect in the entire system.

Quality and Flexibility
Our goal is to exceed your expectations – and at the same time act in a fast and flexible way.

We build long lasting partnerships with our clients based on open dialogue.

We are enthusiastic about you and your success!